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Resource: Dr. Hardeman’s Race and Birth Outcomes Podcast

Rachel Hardeman, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Health Policy & Management at the University of Minnesota, School of Public Health. She focuses on conversations around racism in public health, and is contributing to a new body of knowledge that will enrich our understanding of how racism plays out in healthcare and impacts […]

Resource: Toolkit for Improving Perinatal Safety

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) developed the Safety Program for Perinatal Care (SPPC) toolkit in order to improve the patient safety culture of labor and delivery units, and to decrease maternal and neonatal adverse events resulting from poor communication and system failures. The SPPC is organized around three program pillars, which include teamwork […]

Resource: National Performance Measure 5 Safe Sleep–Evidence Review Brief and Full Report

Safe Sleep is one of fifteen MCH National Performance Measures (NPMs) for the State Title V Block Grant program. The goal is to increase the number of infants placed to sleep on their backs. Infant sleep position is a serious public health concern as it is strongly related to sudden unexpected infant death (SUID), including […]

Resource: Star Legacy Foundation–Pregnancy and Infant Loss Resources

Every year, October 15th is recognized as National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. It is on this day, and always we are thankful for organizations such as the Star Legacy Foundation. The Star Legacy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to reducing pregnancy loss and neonatal death and improving care for families who experience such […]

Student Spotlight: How did Emily Laurent get the Opportunity to Present Her Research at the Annual Making Lifelong Connections Meeting?

A Center for MCH Interview with MCH Student Emily Laurent Center Research Assistant, Kristen Wanta, had an opportunity to interview Emily Laurent about some of her interests and efforts, some of which provided Emily with an opportunity to present her work to a national audience of her peers. Read the interview below. Q: Hi Emily! […]

Resource: Early Childhood Developmental Screening and Title V–Building Better Systems Issue Brief

This issue brief provides insight into the Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant developmental screening activities across the country. It aims to inform public health professionals, partners and stakeholders of different developmental screening-related strategies that could be applied in communities, and to provide connections to states highlighted for their work on this topic. […]

MCH Students Meet Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton

Lauren Gilchrist, Senior Policy Advisor to Governor Mark Dayton and the instructor for PubH 6634: Children and Families: Public Health Policy and Advocacy, took MCH students to meet with Governor Dayton this semester. In her role, Lauren works with commissioners, legislators, local government, and stakeholders to advance health and human services policy issues for the state of Minnesota. Her course (PubH 6634) focuses on how public policies at […]

Resource: Incidents of Mass Violence

Incidents of mass violence are human-caused tragedies that can impact whole communities and the country at large. These types of disasters, which include shootings and acts of terrorism, often occur without warning and can happen anywhere. Learn from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) about who is most at risk for emotional distress […]

Resource: Enhancing Family Engagement through Quality Improvement

Developed by the National Center for Medical Home Implementation, this fact sheet presents lessons learned from a nationwide family engagement quality improvement project. The fact sheet provides strategies for implementing family engagement quality improvement projects in clinical practice or through multi-site learning collaborations, tips for engaging parent/caregiver partners in practice-based quality improvement, and strategies to […]

Resource: MSM Sexual Health Standards of Care Guide

The National Coalition of STD Directors (NCSD) developed a number of materials aimed to address the sexual health needs in the US. They recently launched this resource guide to provide strategies and best practices for delivering respectful and quality sexual health services to gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM).  

Resource: Research-Practice Partnerships– Building Two-Way Streets of Engagement

Social Policy Report: Research-Practice Partnerships– Building Two-Way Streets of Engagement Three principles set research-practice partnerships apart: mutualism, commitment to long-term collaboration, and trusting relationships. Learn more about research-practice partnerships and building two-way streets of engagement in the newest policy brief from the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD). This brief is authored by staff […]

Resource: 2017 Minnesota Adolescent Sexual Health Report

From the Healthy Youth Development – Prevention Research Center of the University of Minnesota, this report presents adolescent health professionals with current adolescent sexual health data and statistics. Providing reports for each county in Minnesota (87 in total) assists adolescent health professionals across the state in assessing and creating action plans to address the sexual health needs of youth in Minnesota. […]

Resource: Ensuring Safe and Supportive Schools for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students Toolkit

Safe, supportive, and welcoming schools play a pivotal role in ensuring students are engaged in learning and that nothing hinders their ability to achieve their best in the classroom. The School Safety Technical Assistance Council seeks to help all schools in Minnesota ensure that all students regardless of their color, race, religion, gender or sexual […]

Student Spotlight: How Did Stephanie Boylan Use Her Coursework to Recommend Food Policies to Staff at Brooklyn Park City Hall?

By Stephanie Boylan For my field experience, I worked with the Resilient Communities Project (RCP). The mission of RCP is to connect communities in Minnesota with University of Minnesota faculty and students to advance local sustainability and resilience through collaborative, course-based projects.  RCP partnered with Brooklyn Park on 24 projects during the 2016-2017 school-year.  These […]