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MCH Student Projects: Global MCH Infographics (PubH 6630)

Students of Foundations of Maternal and Child Health Leadership (MCH) (PubH 6630) researched and designed infographics on global MCH topics. The infographics were designed by MCH students enrolled in PubH 6630 during Fall 2016, and describe the public health issue and offer solutions to help alleviate or improve the selected topic. The course is taught […]

MCH Field Experience: Summer 2013

By Sonja Ausen-Anifrani This summer, I had the opportunity to fulfill my field experience requirement at the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH).  I was stationed in the STD and HIV section of MDH and was employed with the task of developing protocol for the Fetal and Infant Mortality Review as it relates to perinatal transmission […]

Emergency Contraception should be Available over-the-counter for Youth under age 17

By Nancy Pitsenbarger *Pitsenbarger is a Maternal and Child Health MPH student at the University of Minnesota. In July 2009, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expanded over-the-counter (OTC) access to emergency contraception (EC) for individuals aged 17 and older.  In December of 2011, the FDA was poised to expand OTC access to EC to […]