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Our prenatal prospects: some thoughts

The “new” science of fetal orgins, as a  New York Times column by Nicholas Kristof describes, draws substantial correlations between many diseases (autism, schizophrenia, even obesity) and an infant’s uterine environment. Although research remains mixed, much of it indicates that life before birth has a substantial impact on later life course. (FYI: Barker and colleagues were […]

Lancet retraction of article linking autism and MMR vaccines 12 years later: A symptom of a bigger problem?

On February 2nd, the British medical journal The Lancet issued an official retraction of the article published 12 years ago that theorized the links between MMR vaccines, gastrointestinal inflammation, and autism, based on results from a study of 12 children. The retraction came after Britain’s General Medical Council ruled that Dr. Andrew Wakefield (the lead author) […]