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Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait

The March of Dimes has initiated a new project called Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait (HBWW). This public health campaign strives to prevent factors related to preterm birth, including social, medical and biological influences. Children born prematurely are more likely to have vision and hearing problems, lasting physical and mental disabilities, and learning delays […]

Healthy Homes: Lead Poisoning

Keeping the home healthy: an environmental health issue. But should it also be a concern for MCH? Where children spend time eating, drinking, playing, doing homework and sleeping, should the MCH field focus on how living spaces may influence health? Many of the hazards that affect a child’s life course may originate in the home […]

Videos: Promoting Healthy Generations

Check out two public education videos that simply and eloquently express a lifecourse perspective on health. Healthiest Nation in One Generation  articulates some basic principles for healthy living. The Girl Effect is an uplifting video about how girls have the potential to end poverty for themselves and for future generations.

Fixing Fast Food

A fresh viewpoint on food and obesity in the United States by Mark Bittman of the NYTimes: Focusing on claims that fast food is cheaper than buying groceries, Bittman compares food prices via graphics and data. An interesting aspect of the article is that the author focuses on cultural changes in cooking. He argues […]

Infant Mortality – the lifecourse in Dane County, WI

We often say that if *public health* is working, you don’t even notice it. In Madison, WI and the surrounding area the disparity between black and white infant death is shrinking –  the infant mortality rate for blacks declining steeply since the early 1990’s – reaching parity with whites.  This is good news – but […]