MN Women's Health Report Card

The 2020 MN-WHRC is now available! The MNWHRC helps visualize and reflect the health indicators specific
to our state’s unique demographics. Now available in four languages!

2020 MN Women's Health Report Card (MN-WHRC)

Student Spotlight

Check out the latest #UMNMCH Student Spotlight from Erin Marten. In this Spotlight, Erin Marten shares her reflection on how her coursework, internships, and field/applied experiences have contributed to her career in MCH.

Student Spotlight: How is Erin Marten working to make reproductive health services more comprehensive, accessible, & equitable in Toledo, Ohio?

Alumni Spotlight

Check out the latest Alumni Spotlight from Renee Kraus. In this Spotlight, Renee shares her work conducting a literature review and collaborating with doulas.

Alumni Spotlight: How did Renee Kraus Develop Policy Recommendations for Medicaid Coverage of Doula Care in New Jersey?

National MCH Student Blog

Check out the latest MCH National Blog post featuring Elikem Togo, where she shares her experiences with Competency 5: Communication through her internship at the Wisconsin Division of Public Health. Elikem has enhanced a variety of communication skills through this entirely virtual internship.

MCH National Blog

Our Online MPH Program Ranked #5!

Our UMN online MCH Program was ranked #5 out of all online MPH programs by the Master’s in Public Health Degrees website. Interested in earning your MPH online?
Visit our program page to learn more.

We're #UMNproud!

Faculty Spotlight

Check out our first Faculty Spotlight featuring Susan Mason. Dr. Mason shares her work as a social epidemiologist, where she focuses on adverse childhood experiences and trauma.

Faculty Spotlight: Susan Mason