MN Women's Health Report Card

The 2022 MN-WHRC is now available in English, Hmong, Spanish and Somali! The MNWHRC helps visualize and reflect the health indicators specific
to our state’s unique demographics.

2022 MN Women's Health Report Card (MN-WHRC)

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The Bright Spots Mini-Lab is excited to share our next webinar, Template Analysis as a Method for Rapid Qualitative Inquiry in Public Health Research with Patrick Brady and Grace Ryan, is on October 12, 2023 from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM CDT. Learn more about this event and register today!

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Student Spotlight

#UMNMCH student Kailee Elizabeth Schaberg (she/her, they/them) (MPH 2024) shares a personal reflection on their experience as a Domestic Violence Prevention intern (DVPi) at the Indian Health Board of Minneapolis (Center-funded position). “With the current literature, we know AI/AN women disproportionately experience intersectional forms of violence (specifically domestic violence and intimate partner violence) more than any other identity/racial group…”

Student Spotlight: How is Kailee Elizabeth Schaberg working to address intersectional violence among American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) populations?

Alumni Spotlight

Check out the latest Alumni Spotlight from Nicollette Moore. In this Spotlight, #UMNMCH recent graduate Nicollette Moore, MPH 2023, wrote this reflection on her journey into the public health field, her deployment with the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), and her work to expand doula services.

How has Nicollette Moore Supported State Efforts to Expand the Doula Workforce in Minnesota?

National MCH Student Blog

Blog co-editors from the UMN Center of Excellence, Estefanía Henríquez Luthje, and UAlbany’s Catalyst Program, Maha Mehmood, are the authors of the newest, MCH Leads blog post. In this editorial, Estefanía and Maha reflect on their backgrounds, interests in maternal and child public health, preferred MCH leadership competencies, and expectations as 2022-2023 co-editors for the National MCH Trainee Blog. In addition, they introduce the overarching theme that will shape MCH Leads blog posts for spring 2023: Health Equity.

MCH National Blog

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