The goal of the LETMCH Qualitative Methods Mini-Lab is to support the growing interest in qualitative research among public health researchers and public health practitioners. We integrate the rich tradition of qualitative inquiry into current public health research so participants can gain a deeper understanding of the public health needs facing our communities, integrate the experiences and perspectives of key stakeholders and community members into research designs, and find solutions to public health problems that take into account the lived experiences of community members.

The Qualitative Research Methods Mini-Lab offers participants the space to build or augment the qualitative research  skills they’ve learned in classrooms or while at work in their agencies. Together with trainers, MCH and nutrition students, faculty, and other MCH and nutrition colleaguesparticipants gather regularly for training sessions labs that provide them with an opportunity to consult with experts on activities that strengthen their skills.

When students, agency staff and faculty utilize the same approach to research methods and the same software for data analysis and management—and when those data are shared—we can collectively work toward improving the health of our most vulnerable populations.