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MCH Student Projects: Global MCH Infographics (PubH 6630)

Students of Foundations of Maternal and Child Health Leadership (MCH) (PubH 6630) researched and designed infographics on global MCH topics. The infographics were designed by MCH students enrolled in PubH 6630 during Fall 2016, and describe the public health issue and offer solutions to help alleviate or improve the selected topic. The course is taught […]

MAMA: Motherhood Around the Globe

An online exhibition of global art, voices, and ideas, MAMA: Motherhood around the Globe is an inspiring community for anyone who is a mother, knows one, or works with one (that’s all of you!). Housed through the International Museum of Women, the website includes videos, facts, and figures promoting healthy moms and its significance with […]

Maternal deaths on the decline?

New research published in  the Lancet (April 2010) shows a sharp decrease in maternal deaths for the first time in decades: from 525,300 maternal deaths in 1980, to 342,900 in 2008. As the New York Times reported last week, the news came as a surprise to many maternal health advocates—who assumed data would be similar […]