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New Evaluation Tool in Child Welfare

The Youth Connections Scale (YCS) is a tool to be used by professional to guide case planning and strengthen youth connections and relational permanence. YCS was developed in order to fill a need in child welfare: To evaluate and measure the increased efforts of agencies to improve the relational permanence of youth in foster care. […]

New Report on ​National Survey of Children’s Health

​A new report on children’s mental health used 2016-2019 National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH) data and eight other sources to describe mental health and mental disorders in children during 2013–2019. This report is a collaboration between MCHB and other federal agencies. T​​he report found that poor mental health among children was a substantial public […]

The Intersection of Climate Change and Maternal and Child Health:

Centering Global Issues and Climate Justice Climate change threatens all MCH programs across the globe. AMCHP and their partners must analyze how the globe arrived to the crisis point and discover how to mitigate against the challenges. AMCHP’s Global Health Initiative held a webinar in November, titled “The Intersection of Climate Change and Maternal and […]

Minnesota Thrives 2022 Campaign

Minnesota Thrives is a collectively sourced and interactive database of current Minnesota based efforts that promote mental well-being and inclusive, thriving communities. Minnesota Thrives is intended to help Minnesota communities to: 1) Create a comprehensive picture of current mental well-being strategies, locally and statewide, to inform and guide planning efforts 2) Actively connect and learn […]

Translated Materials on Dental Health

The Minnesota Oral Health Project has translated materials in Hmong, Karen, Lao, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Somali, and Vietnamese. These high quality translations may be printed or shared with patients electronically. You can assist your clients in saving the document you choose to their smartphone. Simply navigate to on your patient’s smartphone. Click on All […]

Speakers Biographies 2022 Regions V&VII MCHB-funded Programs Conference

Nanya Chiejine is the Director for Well Connected Communities at National 4-H Council where she is building the capacity and professional development of Cooperative Extension staff at our nation’s land grant universities (LGUs) to improve health and well-being through community engagement, multi-sector partnerships and evidence-based strategies. She oversees the implementation of policy, systems and environmental […]

New guide available to adapt sexual health and goal-setting curricula to different youth populations

Child Trends researchers have developed a guide that enables facilitators of the El Camino program—an adolescent sexual health program for Latino teens—to better serve their target youth populations through curriculum adaptations while still retaining the core components of the curriculum. The El Camino Adaptation Guide provides facilitators and curriculum implementers with the tools and resources to guide them in […]

Strengthening Child Care and Early Education after COVID-19

A new research, evaluation, and data agenda aims to help child care and early education leaders consider how COVID-19 has and will impact children, families, programs, and policies. The agenda gives leaders tools they can use to begin addressing racial inequities, developing new projects and data initiatives, and more.  The context for child care and early education (CCEE) changed […]

Creative Arts and Body-Based Approaches for Group Work with Survivors of Trauma

Evidence is growing that creative arts and body-based approaches have a significant part to play in helping persons cope with the effects of trauma. Backed by significant neurological evidence on how trauma affects the brain and the entire nervous system, creative arts and body-based therapies complement traditional trauma treatments by focusing on not only the mind, […]