A Review of Refugees’ Involvement in the Child Welfare System

The Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare shares this 3-part module originally published in November 2014:

“This 3-part module series assesses mental health services for refugees in child welfare. In these modules, Dr. Shannon describes the process that refugees go through when they arrive in the US and what structural services and supports they receive. It provides relevant background information on health and mental health for Minnesota’s newest refugee groups. Secondly, the learning modules will present results from a literature review of what is known about the involvement of diverse populations with the child welfare system. Lastly, the learning module series will provide recommendations to child welfare providers working with refugee families of diverse backgrounds in successfully connecting them to services.”

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Watch the Modules:
Module 1: Understanding the Resettlement Context: Vulnerabilities and Resettlement Supports for Refugee Families
Module 2: Making Successful Mental Health Referrals for Refugee Families: Rights, Barriers, and Resources
Module 3: A Review of Refugee Involvement in the Child Welfare System: Recommendations, Tools, and and Promising Practices