MAMA: Motherhood Around the Globe

An online exhibition of global art, voices, and ideas, MAMA: Motherhood around the Globe is an inspiring community for anyone who is a mother, knows one, or works with one (that’s all of you!). Housed through the International Museum of Women, the website includes videos, facts, and figures promoting healthy moms and its significance with delivering healthy babies. Graphic designs describe the status of Millennium Development Goals in related to gender equity, reproductive health and maternal mortality.

Visit the art gallery for paintings, photographs, drawings and sculptures of the beauties and perils of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.  Read stories of motherhood from women around the world. Explore global MCH heroes and their novel ideas in preventing maternal mortality and supporting the health of women everywhere.

Do you have an experience (either domestically or globally) working with mothers you would like to share? As a mother, do you have stories you would like to tell others? What did you find most inspiring about the website? Let us know below or send us your anecdotes!