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Spring 2017 – Climate Change and Public Health

Climate Change: Background and Assessment

Climate Change: Response

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Summer 2016–MCH Professionals Making a Difference in Government, Health Care Services, Research, Policy, and Academia

What is MCH?

Alumni Working in Federal and State Government

Debra Waldron–Ensuring Services to Address the Needs of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs

Traci Mouw–Helping Hungry Kids: Combating Food Insecurity Through Policy

Michelle Dynes–Global Public Health: Improving Communities of Women and Children

Karen Kun–Enhancing Global Health and Women’s Health through Evaluation Research

Annie Fedorowicz–Protecting the Public’s Health through Immunization

Alumni Working in Health Care Services and Education

Mark Bergeron–Reducing Minnesota’s Preterm Births: Big Goals for the Smallest Babies

Julia P. Joseph-Di Caprio–Leadership in Health Systems: The Necessity of Diversity

Amy Gilbert–Inspired by Patient Pathways to Promote a Lifetime of Health and Wellness

Jeffrey Wigren–Consumer-driven Care: Understanding the Individual to Treat Illness and Promote Wellness

Charles N. Oberg–Lucky

Alumni Working in Research and Evaluation

Nora Johnson–Prevention Research with Individuals to Strengthen Communities

Gillian Lawrence–Transforming the Quality and Use of Data through Research Management and Information Visualization

Andrea Mayfield–Advancing Public Health through High Quality, Usable Data

Laura LaCroix-Dalluhn–Connecting Public Health and Public Policy: Providing Sustainable, Systems-level Solutions

Alumni Working in Policy

Amy Bush Stevens–Using Research Skills to Translate Data into Policy in Ohio

Michelle Strangis–Using Partnerships to Build Capacity: Changing Cultural Norms and Policies in Minnesota and Abroad

Lauren Gilchrist–Addressing Big Problems Through Policy: The View from the Minnesota Governor’s Office

Alumni Working in Academia

Laura Duckett–Creating Institutional Change: Breastfeeding Advocacy, Research, and Policies

Scott Harpin–Integrating Nursing and Public Health to Serve Vulnerable Youth

Winter 2016 – MCH Professionals Making a Difference for Families, Children, Youth, Women, and Priority Populations

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Winter 2015 – Incarceration and Public Health

  • Adult Incarceration in the United States: Prisons and Jails
  • The Health of Incarcerated Individuals: A Life Course Perspective
  • Pregnant and Postpartum Incarcerated Women: Legislation in the United States and Minnesota
  • A National Survey of Women’s Correctional Facilities: Health Care for Pregnant Incarcerated Women
  • Prison Nursery Co-residence and Re-entry: New York Studies
  • Healthy Beginnings in Difficult Environments: The William & Mary Healthy Beginnings Project
  • Isis Rising: Pregnancy and Parenting Support for Women in Prison
  • Conducting Research in Prison Settings: Challenges and Solutions
  • Working with Incarcerated Individuals: Balancing Security, Safety, and Health Care
  • Mandatory Pregnancy Testing of Incarcerated Women: Is It Constitutional?
  • Interested in Making a Difference?
  • Consider a Master’s in Public Health Degree in Maternal and Child Health

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Summer 2014 – MCH Public Health in Action: Serving All Communities

  • In This Issue:An Interview with Lauren Ryan: Addressing Human Trafficking in Minnesota
  • Promoting the HPV Vaccine: Activities at the Minnesota Department of Health
  • The Minnesota Fetal–Infant Mortality Review/HIV Project: Reducing the Risk of Perinatal HIV Transmission
  • Hmong American Partnership: Improving Hmong Women’s Breast and Cervical Health
  • Isuroon: Promoting Health and Empowerment for Somali Women
  • Evidence-based Youth Development: Iowa and the PREP Program Say What?! Sexual Health: Adolescent Social Network Characteristics and Communication Patterns
  • Medical Cannabis Legislation in Minnesota: An Interview with Minnesota Assistant Health Commissioner Manny Munson-Regala
  • Not-so Baby-Friendly Minnesota: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Interested in Making a Difference? Consider a MPH Degree in MCH

Spring 2014 – Reproductive and Sexual Health: Public Health Approaches

  • The Minnesota Chlamydia Partnership: Working Together to Improve Reproductive Health
  • Preconception Health Promotion: Primary Prevention and Wellness Promotion
  • Minnesota Department of Health: Employing a Life Course Perspective to Promote Preconception Health
  • Mahube-Otwa Community Action Partnership: Community-centered, Holistic Family Planning Services in Rural Minnesota
  • Broken Bonds: Incarceration and Parenthood
  • Long-acting Reversible Contraception: Potential to Help Women Achieve Desired Fertility
  • Integrating Mental Health Services into Family Planning Clinics: North Dakota’s Family Planning Suicide Prevention Project
  • Iowa Department of Public Health: Assessment of Performance Measures for Contraceptive Use
  • Interested in Making a Difference? Consider a MPH Degree in MCH

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Fall 2013 – The Affordable Care Act: Goals and Mechanisms

  • The ACA Basics
    • What Are Its Goals and Do We Need It?
    • How Will the ACA Accomplish Its Goals?
    • Insurance Reforms
    • Health Systems Reforms
    • Specific Components of the ACA: An Interview with Lynn Blewett, PhD
    • The Community Transformation Grant (CTG) Program
    • CTG Programs in Hennepin County, Minnesota
  • Implications of the ACA for MCH Populations and Public Health Services
    • Women
    • Immigrants
    • Children
    • Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs
    • Adolescents and Young Adults
    • Immunization in Minnesota

Spring 2013 – Life Course: Nurturing Early Growth and Development

  • The Life Course Framework: Overview and Key Concepts
  • The Great Recession’s Impact on Children
  • Early Experience and the Science of Brain Development
  • Evidence-Based Practices in Early Childhood Mental Health: Ensuring Consistent and High-Quality Care
  • Adverse Childhood Experience Public Health Surveillance Measures
  • Top Ten Reasons to Earn an MPH Degree in Maternal and Child Health
  • Promising Early Life Course Initiatives: Innovative Projects to Strengthen Children, Families, and Communities
  • Healthy Youth Development
  • 2013 Summer Public Health Institute
  • Interested in Making a Difference?
  • MCH Student Wins UM Leadership and Service Award

August 2012 – Collaboration in MCH Research and Practice

  • The Good Heart Grocery Project
  • Overview of 2011 Public Health Symposium on Promoting Early Childhood Mental Health
  • Yoga: A Tool to Strengthen the Mental Health and Coping Skills of Violence Survivors?
  • Strengthening the Bond: Arts-based Program Helps Improve Communication between Latino Adolescents and Their Families
  • Women’s Health: Understanding Vulvodynia
  • Wellness Works: Improving Workplace Safety and Employee Health
  • The MCH Navigator: A Portal for MCH Information Tailored to User Needs
  • Blood Lead Screening among Newly Arrived Refugees in Minnesota
  • Summer Institute in Adolescent Health
  • Students Making a Difference

October 2011 – MCH in a New Era of HIV

  • Epidemiology of HIV and AIDS Surveillance in the U.S.
  • HIV prevention: Promising Technology in Microbicides
  • Family Planning and HIV Services: A Review of the Evidence
  • Mass Media Campaigns and Prevention Education: New Opportunities in Teen Health
  • Is Breast Always Best? Breastfeeding and HIV
  • Interview with Minnesota’s Former Perinatal HIV Coordinator
  • Program Profile: Supporting Women Living with HIV Through Pregnancy and Birth – The Ilythia Project
  • Workforce Development: Helping Providers Remain Current – MATEC
  • Interested in Making a Difference – How an MPH in MCH might be right for you!

June 2010 – Health of Military Families

  • Military Families: Diverse and Unique
  • The Health of Women in the U.S. Military
  • Homeless on the Homefront: Who Are Our Homeless Veterans?
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: Uncertain
  • Estimates of Prevalence Medical Benefits for Service Members and Their Families
  • Sexual Stressors among Military Personnel
  • What’s Love Got to Do with It? Sexual Orientation and Military Service
  • New Perspectives: Changing Policies for Military Families
  • Stigma and Service-related Traumatic Brain Injuries: Experiences of Caregivers

December 2009 – Early Childhood Mental Health

  • Screening of Young Children
  • Evidence-based Practice
  • Systems of Care
  • Early Childhood Family Education
  • Mental Health Disparities in Early Childhood
  • Early Childhood Interventions
  • Traumatized Young children
  • Building Ingrastructure to Meet Developmental Needs
  • Family Home Visiting
  • Competency-based Training and Endorsement
  • Experts and Resources

March 2008 – Fatherhood

  • Fathering in Diverse Social Contexts
  • Promoting the Importance of Healthy Fatherhood
  • Family Structure and Father Involvement in Low-Income Families
  • Dad-Daughter Disconnect: Do Fathers Matter to Girls?
  • The Case of Biology: Hormones and Fathering
  • Fathering Programs
  • Empowering Boys to Become Men of Integrity