Healthy Generations Issue:

Summer 2014 – MCH Public Health in Action: Serving All Communities

What’s Inside:

  • In This Issue:An Interview with Lauren Ryan: Addressing Human Trafficking in Minnesota
  • Promoting the HPV Vaccine: Activities at the Minnesota Department of Health
  • The Minnesota Fetal–Infant Mortality Review/HIV Project: Reducing the Risk of Perinatal HIV Transmission
  • Hmong American Partnership: Improving Hmong Women’s Breast and Cervical Health
  • Isuroon: Promoting Health and Empowerment for Somali Women
  • Evidence-based Youth Development: Iowa and the PREP Program Say What?! Sexual Health: Adolescent Social Network Characteristics and Communication Patterns
  • Medical Cannabis Legislation in Minnesota: An Interview with Minnesota Assistant Health Commissioner Manny Munson-Regala
  • Not-so Baby-Friendly Minnesota: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Interested in Making a Difference? Consider a MPH Degree in MCH

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