Healthy Generations Issue:

Winter 2015 – Incarceration and Public Health

What’s Inside:

  • Adult Incarceration in the United States: Prisons and Jails
  • The Health of Incarcerated Individuals: A Life Course Perspective
  • Pregnant and Postpartum Incarcerated Women: Legislation in the United States and Minnesota
  • A National Survey of Women’s Correctional Facilities: Health Care for Pregnant Incarcerated Women
  • Prison Nursery Co-residence and Re-entry: New York Studies
  • Healthy Beginnings in Difficult Environments: The William & Mary Healthy Beginnings Project
  • Isis Rising: Pregnancy and Parenting Support for Women in Prison
  • Conducting Research in Prison Settings: Challenges and Solutions
  • Working with Incarcerated Individuals: Balancing Security, Safety, and Health Care
  • Mandatory Pregnancy Testing of Incarcerated Women: Is It Constitutional?
  • Interested in Making a Difference?
  • Consider a Master’s in Public Health Degree in Maternal and Child Health

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