Community & Environmental Health

In 2020, 3.2% of pregnant women experienced intimate partner violence (IPV) during the 12 months before pregnancy, and 1.4% experienced IPV during pregnancy (source).

  • Female homicides: In 2021, there were 52 reported cases of female homicide victims. This was a 126% increase from the female proportions of homicide victims in 2019, which reported 23 female homicides (source). 

Suicide in MN

As of March 31, 2021, death certificates show 723 MN residents died by suicide in 2020, which is lower than the 830 suicide deaths recorded in 2019. However, this represents the sixth year in a row in which over 700 Minnesotans died by suicide. In 2021, 146/723 MN residents that died by suicide were female, nearly 20% (source). In 2017 the suicide rate was well below the national average at 5.4 per 100,000 people, but we saw a rise in 2019, at 6.7. An updated table of the female suicide rate in MN (below).

YearRate of Death by Suicide (per 100,000 Women)

In MN women, the highest rates of suicide are seen in the 25-34 and 45-54 age groups. Suicide rates outside of the Twin Cities tend to be higher, this is true for MN women and men. MN women who die by suicide usually occur from suffocation or poisoning/overdose (source).

Incarceration rates

There are 501 female adults in prison (6.4% of the total prison population) in MN (July 1, 2022) (source).

Human Trafficking

In 2020, there were 86 reported cases of human trafficking and 356 contacts of human trafficking in MN. Of these, 71 were female, and 26 were minors. The true number of cases is higher due to underreporting. A comprehensive breakdown of gender, age, citizenship, and more data are available here.

Bias-motivated crimes

Bias crimes rose in 2021 with 238 incidents, compared to 146 in 2015, a 63% increase (source).

  • 40.3% were motivated by anti-Black or African American bias
  • 10.5% were motivated by anti-2SLGBTQIA+ bias
  • 8.8% were motivated by anti-White bias
  • 8.4% were motivated by anti-Jewish bias