Community and Environmental Health

In 2015, 2.3% of pregnant women experienced intimate partner violence (IPV) during the 12 months before pregnancy and 2.1% experienced IPV during pregnancy (source).

  • Female homicides: In 2019, there were 23 reported cases of female homicide victims. This was 8% lower than the female proportions of homicide victims in 2017 (source). 
  • Suicide rates: In 2017, the females in MN had a lower rate of suicide at 5.4 per 100,000 compared to the national average of 6.1 per 100,000 (source). 
  • Incarceration rates: There are 516 female adults in prison (6.2% of the total prison population) in MN (July 1, 2020) (source: MN Adult Prison population summary 01/01/2019).
  • Human Trafficking: In 2018, there were 120 reported cases of human trafficking in MN. Of this, 76 were female and 21 were minors. The true number of cases are higher due to underreporting (source).

Bias Motivated Crimes:

There were a total of 146 bias-motivated crimes reported to law enforcement in MN (source). 

  • 2% were anti-lesbian crimes
  • 4% were anti-transgender crimes
  • .07% were anti-gender non-conforming crimes


See “About the Data Sources” for more details on how data were collected.