JIWC Webinars

2021-2022 Support through Separation Series

Beginning in the summer of 2021, the JIWC Collaborative will host a four-part webinar series focused on Support through Separation: Coping with the Physical and Emotional Separation…

Free and open to the public.

This series is grounded in the lived experiences of people closest to the topic. We aim to provide a trauma-informed, welcoming, inclusive and healing experience, especially for those with lived experience.

Webinars brought to you by:

The students, staff and faculty of the National University Collaborative on the Health of Justice-Involved Women and Children (JIWC):

Webinar Planning Team:

  • Heather Olden, Harvard (Webinar Coordinator)
  • Sara Benning, UMN
  • Dr. Anne Brisendine, UAB
  • Lindsey Rice, UAB
  • Jennifer Saunders, UMN
  • Dr. Rebecca Shlafer, UMN

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