Coping with the Physical and Emotional Separation for the Birthing Person and Baby during Reunification

November 9, 2022 | 11:15-12:20 CT

Watch a recording of the JIWC webinar hosted by Johns Hopkins University and the Hopkins MCH Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health: “Justice-Involved Women and their Children in Evidence-Based Home Visiting Programs: Insights from Frontline Staff.”

Hear from Alyssa Silver, a Healthy Families America program supervisor, and Gretchen O’Brien, a family support worker, as they share their experiences serving justice-involved women and children in their program, highlight the unique challenges these families face, and put forth their vision for a home visiting approach to best meet the needs of these families.

This event was the fourth and final webinar of our series focused on “Support through Separation: Coping with Physical and Emotional Separation.”

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