Support through Separation-Coping with the Physical and Emotional Separation…for the Birthing Person

July 13, 2021

Autumn Mason, a Peer and Re-entry Support Specialist for justice-impacted mothers, discussed her experiences of birth and motherhood while incarcerated. Raelene Baker of the Minnesota Doula Project shared her work facilitating childbirth education and attending births of those incarcerated at Minnesota’s only state prison for women. The panel was moderated by Dr. Rebecca Shlafer.

This is the first of a four-part webinar series focused on “Support through Separation: Coping with the Physical and Emotional Separation” for the caregiver in community, the birthing person and baby during incarceration, and for the birthing person and baby during reunification.

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Webinar hosted by: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Center for Leadership Education in Maternal and Child Public Health 

Webinar technology by: University of Alabama Birmingham, School of Public Health Instructional Technology Group

Series organized by: The National University Collaborative on the Health of Justice-Involved Women and Children (JIWC)