Spotlight on the Center’s Vision Health Work

The Center is proud to be a part of the Minnesota Vision Health Task Force, which works to improve vision and eye health in vulnerable populations of young children. This work is led by Minneapolis Public Schools’ Office of Early Childhood Education, and receives some support through Center staff and student technical assistance.

MCH Student and Alumni Spotlights

–How did Laurel Cederberg Support an Active Community Coalition Focused on the Mitigation of Inequities in Vision Health in Native American Children and Youth in Minnesota?

–How did Myo Myo Aye’s Data Analysis Efforts Inform a Vision Health Plan for the City of Minneapolis?

–How has Aleksey Mason-Bradach Addressed Racial and Ethnic Inequities for Mothers and Examined Parental Knowledge of Vision Health in Minnesota?

–How Did Bianca Zarders Support Minneapolis Public Schools by Creating a Minneapolis Vision Health Task Force?

–How did  International Experiences Shape alumni Teresa Laing’s Passion for Maternal and Child Health?

Member Spotlights

–Phillips Eye Institute: Removing Roadblocks to Vision Problems

–Celebrating Young Children: The Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board (YCB) featuring Deby Ziesmer