Preventative Health 2016

Overall, MN women are exceeding the Healthy People 2020 (HP2020) targets for several preventive health targets. Women ages 50-74 have a slightly higher mammogram rate (82%) compared to the HP2020 target (81%). Black women have the highest cancer screening rate (91%), followed by screening for white women (83%). However, the sample size used for black women and non-white Hispanics in the BRFSS is too small to reveal the right coverage of breast cancer screening among this groups, giving the relatively high risk of this type of cancer among black women (source).

The health indicators featured in this section mirror CDC BRFSS indicators. Not all indicators are compared to the HP2020 targets because the HP2020 targets and BRFSS indicators do not always exactly match. Visit and for more information.

Details about/sources for the above graphic:

  • 71.9% Women ages 50-75 who have had a colonoscopy (in the past 10 years)
  • 82.4% Women ages 50-74 who have had a mammogram (in last 2 years)
  • 77.7% Women who have visited the dentist/dental clinic for any reason (in the past year)
  • 82.2% Women ages 21-65 who have had a pap test (in the past 3 years)
  • 76.7% Women who had a routine checkup (in the past year)
  • 24.1% Women were obese pre-pregnancy
  • 75.5% Women who participated in any physical activities (in the past month) (2017)
  • 47.3% Women who exercised 3+ days a week (in the 12 months prior)
  • 71.7% Women with preventive medical visit (in the past year) (source)
  • Rate of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination among young adults (ages 13-17) (source: CDC HPV file)
    • >=1 HPV vaccine: 58.1%
    • Are up-to-date on HPV vaccine: 46.4%

Extra sources: The CDC has a good source to explore data on cancers in Minnesota. It breaks data down by cancer type, sex and age, as does MDH.

See “About the Data Sources” for more details on how data were collected.