Diversity Reviewer Database

The Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) has created a Diversity Reviewer Database in an effort to increase the diversity of developmental scientists participating in the review of research proposals at federal agencies and foundations in the United States.

Why a Diversity Reviewer Database?

Evidence continues to show a gap in funding of major research proposals at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for Black and African American researchers. However, the evidence also indicates that previous experience in the grant review process is one effective approach in diminishing this disparity. SRCD launched the Diversity Reviewer Database in an effort to include participants from a range of backgrounds thereby assuring diversity in the grant review process.

How Can the SRCD Diversity Reviewer Database Help?

The Diversity Reviewer Database was originally launched as a static PDF compendium, but has since transitioned to an online database. Once fully populated, the new format will give Scientific Review Officers from agencies and foundations quick access to a robust and diverse group of SRCD members willing to serve on review panels. They will have the capacity to search for reviewers with the expertise and backgrounds relevant to specific proposal reviews. (Note that access will only be granted to Scientific Review Officers after SRCD has confirmed credentials. We will be verifying that they will only be accessing the database to identify participants for review panels and will respect SRCD’s privacy policies.)

What Gets Shared with Scientific Review Officers?

SRCD members participating in the Diversity Reviewer Database will be able to indicate areas of expertise, interest, background characteristics, and more. You will also be able to quickly upload your CV, along with other relevant materials that can be updated whenever appropriate. Finally, users can indicate which specific agencies and foundations have permission to access their materials.