Your Guide to Breastfeeding

During National Breastfeeding Month, the Office on Women’s Health (OWH) shares its online resources for making the decision to breastfeed, learning how to breastfeed, overcoming breastfeeding challenges, and pumping and storing of breastmilk. OWH answers questions such as What are the health benefits of breastfeeding? How do you know if you make enough breastmilk? Do you need to avoid certain foods? Will physical activity affect how much breastmilk you make? Can you drink alcohol?

OWH’s breastfeeding resources for moms include:

Online content

Breastfeeding Fact Sheet

Your Guide to Breastfeeding, an easy-to-read publication with how-to information and support to help women breastfeed. Download the ePub, free of charge, for your tablet, eReader or smartphone. MOBI format also available.