Audio: MCH Topics from MN Experts

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 3.49.09 PMThe Center for Leadership Education in Maternal and Child Public Health helped identify local MCH speakers to be featured on Community Health Dialogue, a weekly public health program on KMOJ-FM (89.9 FM) hosted by Clarence Jones.

Special MCH guests include MCH Center director Dr. Wendy Hellerstedt, several MCH Program graduates and Minnesota Health Commissioner Ed Ehlinger.

There is audio available on the following topics:

  • Maternal and Child Health, Public Health and Reproductive Life Planning, Wendy Hellerstedt, MPH, PhD, Center for Leadership Education in Maternal and Child Health, University of Minnesota School of Public Health; and The Importance of Fathers to Family Well-being, Clarence Jones, MBA, Southside Community Health Services and Wendy Hellerstedt
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and HPV Vaccination, Lisa Randall, MPH, JD, Minnesota Department of Health (MDH)
  • What Does Adult Preventative Care Look Like? Common Questions and Definitions, Amy Gilbert, MPH, MD (MCH graduate!)
  • Talking About Sexual Health with Your Kids: Adolescent Sexual Health, Jill Farris, MPH, Teenwise (MCH graduate!)
  • Health Disparities in Minnesota, Commissioner Ed Ehlinger, MPH, MD, Minnesota Department of Health (MDH)