Website Launch: Our Bodies Ourselves Today at Suffolk University

Our Bodies Ourselves Today has recently launched its new website to uphold the legacy of Our Bodies Ourselves books which began in May 1969 by a group of women in Boston who wanted to gain a better understanding of their bodies, sexualities, and relationships. The original 1970 publication was a 193-page book on stapled newsprint named “Women and Their Bodies.” The title was changed to Our Bodies Ourselves after about a year as they wanted women to take ownership of their bodies. This book was a revolutionary piece of literature as it discussed topics such as sexuality and abortion which was illegal at the time. 

Since 1969, updated and revised versions of Our Bodies Ourselves were developed with the most recent being in 2011. Our Bodies Ourselves has received multiple honors and awards over the years as well as being included in the Books That Shaped America collection. 

In 2018, Suffolk University’s Center for Women’s Health and Human Rights partnered with Our Bodies Ourselves to provide an online platform to share updated, relevant, and inclusive information on a variety of holistic health and sexuality topics pertaining to their diverse audience of women, girls, and gender-expansive people of all race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, and age groups.

Topics on the website include: 

  • Abortion and Contraception
  • Gender-based Violence
  • Growing Older
  • Heart Health
  • Menstruation through Menopause
  • Mental Health
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Sexual Anatomy
  • Sexuality