Video Abstract FAQ


Do you have any sample videos? 

Yes, we’ve compiled many here.

Can I submit works in progress?

We encourage you to submit what you have, knowing that projects may and likely will evolve between the March 16 submission deadline and the May 11 conference. You can tend to this in your video abstract by putting any such “in-progress” work or plans in a “Next steps” or “Future directions” portion of your video abstract.

Any results could be shared during the live Q&A on conference day; use the submission form to let organizers know if you’d like to be asked about updates or findings to share on conference day. The facilitator of your Q&A can then make sure to ask about any updates to your work since submission.

Who can submit?

Faculty, staff, students/trainees, doctoral students, post-doc fellows, clinicians and family members (LEND) affiliated with any of the MCHB-funded programs in Regions V or VII are welcome to submit an abstract.

  • Region V: IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI
  • Region VII: IA, KS, MO, NE

I’m doing more traditional research and would like to share information about that in my video abstract. Does that fit the criteria reviewers are looking for?

You betcha. We want to highlight promising applied practices AND research, including qualitative research methods.

I’m working on several projects. Can I submit an abstract for each project?


I’m doing global MCH work. Can I submit?

Yes, as long as it fits within the overall conference theme it can be submitted, though it may be helpful for you to link the global to the local in your abstract (i.e. address implications for local audiences). 

Can other people appear in my video?

Of course; however, if selected only one person will be allowed to represent your team during our Q&A session. Please involve your team in the creation of your video abstract. Anyone can appear in your video (as long as they give you permission). Most programs, divisions and schools have photo/video release forms that you can have signed by those participating in your video–asking your IT folks where you can find this.

What will the poster session look like on May 11?

It depends on the number of abstracts we receive, and the content of those abstracts. Selected video abstracts will be shown during the session (May 11, 10-11 am CT), followed by a one-on-one Q&A with the lead author (the person submitting). If several abstracts have similar content in common, we may show a few of those videos and follow with a longer panel-style Q&A period before moving onto the next video abstract viewing and Q&A.

I’ve never created a video or a video abstract. Am I the right person to be submitting?

Yes! Visit our resource page for examples, tips, guidelines and other info. We’ve also uploaded some video abstract examples here.

Some of the video samples are fancy! Do I have to submit something so polished?

We know that submitters will have a range of familiarity and experience with creating videos, so you should use the format and style that works best for YOU–our goal is to help you share your good work!

What does a quality abstract look like?

It will fit within our conference theme, adhere to formatting requirements and be easy to understand.

What if I can’t attend the May 11, 2022 conference? Should I still submit?

Please do. If you’re selected, we only need you for a small portion (~10 minutes) of the poster session Q&A (May 11, 10-11 am CT). We’ll try to schedule around your availability and, if you can’t make other arrangements, we can also work with you to see if there’s another member of your team who might be able to be at the Q&A on your behalf.

I’m a student/trainee. Can I submit?

Definitely! We highly encouraged students/trainees to submit and build their portfolios.

Why video abstracts?

Video abstracts are engaging and easily shared across wider audiences.

I still have questions. Who can help?

Email Sara at if you want help thinking through your submission, to discuss the format or anything else.