Spotlight Series: Batey Relief Alliance (Dominican Republic)

MCH Students Gain International Experience and Broaden Perspectives of Public Health During Time in the Dominican Republic

The Batey Relief Alliance is a nonprofit humanitarian aid organization that works to create a safe, productive and self-sufficient environment, through health care, food security, education, disaster relief, and community development programs, for children and their families severely affected by extreme poverty, disease, and hunger in the US, Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Batey was founded in 1997 and originally focused on improving the lives of individuals residing in bateyes of the Dominian Republic, but since has expanded its efforts to other communities and Latin American countries. The bateyes are traditionally areas where individuals who work on the sugar plantations reside and have been historically marginalized. 

Student Experiences

The below highlights the applied practice experience of four Maternal and Child Health (MCH) students who went to the Dominican Republic during the Summer of 2018. Their Student Spotlights discuss their experiences volunteering with Batey’s Women Empowerment Initiative. 

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