Healthy Generations Issue:

March 2001 – Women’s Reproductive Health

What’s Inside:

  • Exploring Myths about Nutrition and Pregnancy Outcome
    Judith E. Brown, Ph.D.
    Maureen A. Murtaugh, Ph.D.
  • Social Determinants and Women’s Reproductive Health
    Wendy Hellerstedt, MPH, Ph.D.
  • Using Data to Guide the Development and Implementation of a State Cancer Screening Program
    Jane E. Korn, MD, MPH & Annette Bar-Cohen, MA, MPH
  • Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services
    Michael Vaughn
  • “Partners in Health” –Caring for Women and Their Families: WIC and its Partners in Dakota County, MN
    Debra Thingstad Boe, RN, PHN, BAN
  • Supplement: Shrouded Legacy: The History of the American Eugenics Movement
    Greta Bauer, MPH

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