Healthy Generations Issue:

February 2005 – Immigrant and Refugee Health

What’s Inside:

  • The “Healthy Migrant” Effect
    Katherine Fennelly, PhD
  • Healing by Heart
    Kathleen A. Culhane-Pera, MD, MA, Dorothy E. Vawter, PhD, Phua Xiong, MD, Barbara Babbitt, BSN, RN, MA, Mary Solberg, PhD, MSW
  • Impact of Welfare Reform on Immigrants
    Audrey Singer, PhD
  • Will Minnesota Continue to be a National Leader in Health Care for Low-Income Pregnant Immigrant Women?
    Kathleen McDonough, JD
  • Recommendations from the Minnesota Commissioners’ Task Force on Immigrant Health
    Patricia Ohmans, MPH
  • UMOS Inc. Hispanic and Migrant Cultural Competence
    Mary Ann Borman, PhD

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