Healthy Generations Issue:

February 2003 – Childhood Asthma

What’s Inside:

  • The Epidemiology of Asthma Among Children in the U.S.
    Joãn Patterson, Ph.D.
  • Risk and Protective Factors Associated for Childhood Asthma
    Paul Kubic, M.D.
  • Children with Asthma and Welfare Reform
    Deborah Schlick
  • Health Policy and Pediatric Asthma in Minnesota
    Gail Brottman, M.D.
  • Working Together: Schools, Clinics, and Families Help Control Kids’ Asthma
    Stephanie Bisson Belseth, RN, MAN, LSN, CPNP
  • Institute of Medicine Report on Environmental Exposures Associated with Asthma
  • Minnesota Targets Inner-City Asthma
  • News from MDH on Implementation of the Asthma State Plan

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