eReview: Falling Behind–Understanding the Educational Disparities Faced by Immigrant Latino Students in the U.S.

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“…Latino students in the United States are showing far different educational outcomes than their white peers and are facing inequitable opportunities that lead to inequitable lifelong outcomes.”

The Children’s Mental Health eReview from the UMN’s Children, Youth & Family Consortium (CYFC) summarizes children’s mental health research and implications for practice and policy. It addresses the gap between what we know from the literature and what we experience working with families. Each issue explores a specific topic area and reflects the expertise of a group of people working in various research and practice settings.

Read this issue to learn about the many opportunity gaps Latino youth face, including economic constraints, language barriers, acculturation issues, and discrimination. Hear from Community Authors about how this research can be put to use in our educational and community settings.

Download then evaluate the eReview.