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Resource: 4th Trimester Project

The 4th Trimester Project is an amazing resource for new moms. This resource aims to be inclusive of all bodies and mothers, including transgender and non-binary people. It incorporates information on many postpartum topics, such as self-care after birth, how to build a support network, caring for your child, and videos experiences from other mothers. […]

Resource: Taking Two Generation Approach to Children’s Health Video & Interview

From infancy, children rely on their parents to learn about and cultivate the habits and skills that will ensure their health. Yet parents’ abilities to provide this care can be inhibited by many factors, from personal health to environmental circumstances such as their job, community, or economic status. And when a parent struggles due to […]

Resource: Family Voices IMPACT Project Website

The Family Voices IMPACT Project has launched a new website to help families find health and wellness information they can trust, understand, and use in their day-to-day lives. Funded through a grant from the Maternal Child Health Bureau, the IMPACT Project focuses on maternal and child health policies and programs for the benefit of all children […]

Resource: National Performance Measure 5 Safe Sleep–Evidence Review Brief and Full Report

Safe Sleep is one of fifteen MCH National Performance Measures (NPMs) for the State Title V Block Grant program. The goal is to increase the number of infants placed to sleep on their backs. Infant sleep position is a serious public health concern as it is strongly related to sudden unexpected infant death (SUID), including […]

Resource: National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Featured resources were developed by the Children’s Bureau within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to support service providers in their work with parents, caregivers, and their children to prevent child abuse and neglect and promote child and family well-being. They represent the work of a broad-based partnership of national organizations, Federal partners, […]

Student Spotlight: How Did Tory Bruch Support Families Healing from Substance Abuse and Trauma?

  By Tory Bruch I am a second year graduate student earning my Master of Public Health in Maternal and Child Health. Though I entered the program with limited professional working experience, I have taken advantage of the many opportunities available to students in the School of Public Health; I have found jobs and volunteer […]

Training Videos: Healthy Serve & Return Interactions

A series of five training videos to be used in training of child welfare workers about healthy serve and return interactions between parents and children were developed in partnership with the Institute of Child Development (ICD) and the Center for Early Education and Development (CEED). These in-depth videos demonstrate what “quality relationships” look like in […]

Why Breastfeed?

Download and share a PDF version of the below information.  Benefits for the Infant Breastfeeding is associated with decreased risks for common infant ailments—from colds to ear, nose, and throat infections to gastrointestinal infections—and to the development of chronic conditions later in life (1). Given the substantial body of evidence supporting the benefits of breast milk […]

The Influence of Health Care Policies on Children’s Health and Development

The Society for Research in Child Development has released their latest Social Policy Report. The latest paper reviews the current state of health insurance for children and youth and contrasts health services with the needs of children and families. It then describes new models of health care, including ones that actively connect health care with other […]

Children in Common: Ensuring the Emotional Well-Being of Children When Parenting Apart

The Children, Youth & Family Consortium’s Children’s Mental Health eReview summarizes children’s mental health research and implications for practice and policy. It addresses the gap between what we know from the literature and what we experience working with families. Each issue explores a specific topic area and reflects the expertise of a group of people […]