2020-2021 Deployments & Student Technical Support Positions

All Fall 2021 RAships and Student Technical Support Positions have been filled

(Updated 9/13/21) MCH students should look to the monthly MCH Newsletter and the MCH student listserv for announcements about opportunities that may come up later in the semester, or for spring 2022.

Before Applying: Things to Know

  1. Read the FAQ page carefully.
  2. Many positions are virtual.
  3. You must be an enrolled UMN MCH student.
  4. Reach out directly to the supervisor listed on the job description by the deadline (see last page of job description; below). Supervisors will reach out to those students they wish to interview. Most interviews will be conducted over the phone or Zoom. Once the position is offered and accepted, the supervisor contacts the Center director to facilitate your paperwork.
  5. Consider applying only for the position that you are able to commit to and are interested in. 
  6. If you are offered a position, please don’t leave the supervisor waiting. Please let the offering supervisor know whether you’re accepting the offer or not within 48 hours.
  7. Start dates for posted positions are August 30, 2021. You should plan to have your first week of work beginning on August 30, 2021, arranged in advance with your supervisor(s). Later start dates or positions offered later in the semester mean fewer hours completed and thus a reduced stipend.

You cannot be deployed and have an RAship or student technical support position (or vice versa), nor can you be deployed to multiple agencies. This allows more students to take advantage of more opportunities. You may be a MCHIG Executive Committee Member and have a deployment or a student technical support position.

The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer.