MCH Professional Panel

This October 2018 panel of MCH professionals featured:
–Michelle A. Chiezah, MA, MPH (2002), Infant Mortality Consultant, Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), Maternal and Child Health Section
–Ashley Mitchell, MPH (2014), Instructor, Rothenberger Institute, University of Minnesota School of Public Health
–Rosemond S. Owens (2006), Director of Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Blue Cross + Blue Shield of Minnesota

Topics discussed include:
-How influential was the UMN MCH program in leading you to your current profile? (4:16)
-How did you get connected to experiences in the field? (15:24)
-Talk about positions you had and skills you used when you were just out of the MCH program. (25:53)
-What type of statistical data programs should we explore? (38:59)
-What is your day-to-day like? (41:22)
-What other tips do you have around balance, self-care and well-being? (49:39)
-The importance of mentorships and connections. (54:30)