Student Spotlight FAQs

What is a Student Spotlight? The Spotlight feature showcases and promotes the great work being done by MCH students, and illustrates the depth and breadth of MCH for potential students. This is your opportunity to share information about any work you’re currently doing or interested in, or how what you’re doing now might shape where you go/what you do in the future.

What are the benefits to me if I’m chosen to be featured in a Spotlight? The Spotlight is a unique opportunity for you to express your work and interests in a creative manner.  This would be a project you could use to show future employers and also gives you the chance to use new tools and applications that you could use in future work.

What’s the process? Spotlights are required for students who undertake a Center-funded deployment. The Center also receives nominations from faculty members, peers or themselves. Once we review the nomination, we’ll reach out to the candidate to discuss the format and timeline.

What format should my Spotlight be in? We encourage students to be as creative as they want in this process. Former Spotlights include interviews with Center staff or RAs, personal write-ups of the experience, and videos using Moovly or pre-recorded PowerPoint with voice over (this is how our QuickGuide training was created). This is your Spotlight and we want it to represent you in the best way possible.

What should I write about? We are very proud of all of the outstanding involvement of MCH students during their time at the UMN. We want you to showcase what you are currently working on and/or how certain experiences in the MCH Program might pertain to your future endeavors. Some questions we hope you’ll answer in your Spotlight include: What are you currently working on? How’d you get involved? How does your work impact MCH populations (what’s the benefit/s of the type of work you’re doing)? What have you been surprised by in this work? What do you want people, especially prospective and current students, to know about your work and being an MCH student here at the UMN? If you review other Spotlights, you’ll see students have addressed these questions, and a lot more!

What kind of help, equipment or applications are available to me? The Center has plenty of resources available to complete the Spotlight. Items at your disposal include GoPro (not ideal for sit down interviews), iPad, tripod, microphone, and various applications, including Canva and Moovly. We’re always here to help and provide assistance in any way necessary.

Have other questions? Email mch @ and feel free to check out previous Student Spotlights here.