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10-22-15 CYFC LFTF SMOctober 22– Children in Common: Ensuring the Emotional Well-being of Children when Parenting Apart | McNamaraAlumni Center

Organized by the Children, Youth & Family Consortium, participants will explore research, practices and policies related to parenting apart. This seminar features two nationally known research and practice professionals, Kathryn Edin, PhD, and James McHale, PhD, along with a panel of Minnesotan practitioners and policymakers. Panelists include Judge Bruce Peterson, John Jackson and Rose McCollough.

Participants will increase their understanding about the complexities of co-parenting when parents live apart, apply innovative practices in their work with children, youth and parents when parents live apart, individually reflect on practice approaches to ensure they convey respect for the assets and strengths of children, youth and parents, differentiate between the challenges of single parenting with one or more partners and parenting following divorce, analyze the effectiveness of current interventions and compare research, practices, and policies related to parenting with child’s other parent.

Registration required. Cost: $25-$50. Cosponsored by the Center for Leadership Education in Maternal and Child Public Health.