Master's Project Title:

“They Opened My Eyes”: Latino Youth Perceptions of a Youth Clinic A Research Project Using Secondary Data

MCH Student:

Anna Bartels

Date of Defense:

August 11, 2010


Objective: Latino adolescents in the U.S. face a myriad of health disparities. Latino youth may forego health care for logistical reasons, such as transportation, inability to pay and long clinic wait times. More important, but less tangible factors may prevent Latino youth from returning for health care such as distrust in clinic and program staff, disrespectful treatment, fear of disclosure of sensitive health issues and providers or settings which are not culturally matched to their needs. This paper examines youth perceptions of clinic staff and procedures at Aqui Para Ti/Here for You (APT), a clinic-based, family-centered youth program in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Methods: Evaluation findings from analyses of quantitative/qualitative data.

Results: Evaluation findings from analyses of quantitative/qualitative data demonstrate provision of comprehensive care addressing sexual and physical health as well as promotion of emotional health, parent-child communication, and educational success. Youth regarded clinic staff in an extremely positive manner and reported high levels of interpersonal connectedness with staff in areas of trust, attention, communication and genuine regard. In addition, youth reported acquiring various coping and communication skills and an increased value for education. APT demonstrates a unique model of care where youth not only feel confident sharing sensitive information about their health with providers, but where they also learn how to better communicate with their families and how to value their education

Conclusion: All of these facets of the program have lasting implications for the physical, behavioral, and emotional health of APT youth patients and their parents in the near and distant future.