Master's Project Title:

Preliminary Vetting of the MCH Navigator

MCH Student:

Nicole Steffens

Date of Defense:

February 8, 2012


Objectives: The purpose of this report is to describe the methodology and results from a preliminary vetting process of a new continuing education website for Maternal and Child Health (MCH) professionals called the MCH Navigator. The preliminary vetting was done to assess necessary future research, updates, and changes to the site, as well as inform secondary vetting processes.

Methods: The Maternal and Child Health Bureau Division of Research, Training and Education (MCHB DRTE) in partnership with various organizations and workgroup members surveyed a sample of the MCH workforce from agencies and programs across the United States. Participants included state agency employees, federal level MCHB employees, and workforce from local MCH organizations. The investigator sent electronic survey questionnaires to 32volunteers identified using a convenience sampling method. Respondents (n=29) answered both quantitative (dichotomous) and qualitative questions on the website’s applicability to the MCH field, and clarity, accessibility, and design appeal of the website.

Results: Within quantitative dichotomous questions, overall, respondents across all levels responded positively towards to the Navigator’s content and usefulness; however, time spent in the Maternal and Child Health field was negatively associated with positive feedback to the website. Both quantitative and qualitative data demonstrated common themes in a need for clarity, including wordiness of the site, regardless of position level or Title V MCH exposure. Qualitative questions produced responses related to resource clarity and instructions, as well as issues with external sites and registration processes. Clarifying the vetting process also was a topic across all four major themes (i.e. clarity, accessibility, applicability, and design appeal).

Conclusions: Specific recommendations for future directions and vetting processes were developed based on questionnaire responses. For the site to better meet the continuing education needs of MCH professionals, updates to existing information on the MCH Navigator as well as additions are addressed.

Key Words: Maternal and Child Health; continuing education; evaluation; training; education; website design; Title V; workforce development