Master's Project Title:

Minnesota’s Progress Towards Baby-Friendly Hospital Designation: Results from the Infant Feeding Practices Survey

MCH Student:

Juliann J. Van Liew

Date of Defense:

April 16, 2014


OBJECTIVES: To assess infant feeding and care  practices at maternity centers in  Minnesota and monitor progress towards implementing the World Health Organization’s  Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding  and becoming Baby-Friendly designated.

METHODS: The Infant Feeding Practices Survey was administered to 66 (72% of the  sample framework) maternity centers in  2013 and 94 (97% of the sample framework)  maternity centers in 2014.

RESULTS: Seventy percent of maternity centers we re working on at least some of the  Ten Steps, four centers were designated  as Baby-Friendly, and 16 were on the 4D  Pathway towards becoming Baby-Friendly in  2014. There were significant rural/urban  differences regarding the implementation of  the Ten Steps. Eighty-five percent of  maternity centers not designated as Baby-Friendly or on the 4D pathway identified cost  as a barrier to initiating the Ba by-Friendly designation process.

CONCLUSIONS: Minnesota’s maternity centers varied significantly in terms of  implementation of the Ten Steps and Baby- Friendly status. Reported barriers and rural/urban status need to be accounted for when promoting the Baby-Friendly Hospital  Initiative.