Master's Project Title:

Family Caregiving and Workplace Support for Teleworking

MCH Student:

Becky Seel

Date of Defense:

May 26, 2009


Telework allows employees to work from home and may be important for those with family caregiving responsibilities, including care for children with special health care needs (CSHCN). Employees who perceive their employer to be family-friendly are often more willing to telework.

Objectives and Methods:  This study examines the employee family caregiving responsibilities and perception of workplace support to see if there is an association with teleworking at least one full day per week. It uses cross-sectional survey data on employees of a Midwestern corporate headquarters (n=919) from 2006.

Results:  After adjusting for relevant sociodemographic variables, mothers of healthy children and fathers of CSHCN who also cared for an adult were significantly more likely to telework at least a full day than non-caregivers. In addition, teleworking at least a full day was associated with a perception of low workplace support among men.

Conclusions:  Encouraging the use of family-friendly accommodations, like telework, may assist families with health-related demands in the future.