Master's Project Title:

CenteringPregnancy Among Hispanic Women: A Meta-Synthesis of Qualitative Research

MCH Student:

Love Odetola

Date of Defense:

January 31, 2017


The objective of this study is to provide a synthesis of findings of qualitative research on the use of CenteringPregnancy among Hispanic women. This study is a meta-synthesis of qualitative research published on the topic between 1993 and 2015. A search of online databases that included CINAHL, PubMed, Social Work Abstracts, Anthrosource, and Sociological Abstracts, was conducted. A total of 2,842 articles (including duplicates) were identified and seven met the selection criteria. This review identified the following key categories: motivators to join GPNC and the model’s positive impact, concerns and challenges as well as facilitators and recommendations to successfully implement GPNC. This meta-synthesis revealed that CenteringPregnancy may not only mitigate the obstacles Hispanic women face in accessing prenatal care, but may also provide group support and comprehensive education. The group prenatal care model appears to empower women and to foster caring skills and abilities that may positively impact other aspects of the women’s health. In order to sustain the positive effects of the implementation of CenteringPregnancy, this alternative model ought to be fully incorporated into existing prenatal health care programs.