Master's Project Title:

Abstract: Preventing Cesarean Section Surgical Site Infections-Interventions in a Hospital System

MCH Student:

Jessica Servaty

Date of Defense:

December 18, 2020


The prevalence of Cesarean section (C-section) surgical site infections in the United

States is roughly 15%. C-section infections can greatly lead to increased hospitalization stays,

increased costs, or lead to more serious complications for the patient such as sepsis. The purpose

of this quality improvement project is to decrease the infection rate of a healthcare system’s C-

section infections by conducting the following: analyzing retrospective data, identifying areas of

opportunity, and implementing actionable, sustainable changes that provide the highest quality of

care for the patient. The analysis revealed several opportunities including use of prophylactic

antibiotics and post-operative wound care product use. These interventions have already marked

a large decrease in this hospital’s C-section infection data and is projected to sustain.