Master's Project Title:

Abstract: How does parental status interact with the stresses of community supervision

MCH Student:

Alyssa Scott

Date of Defense:

May 15, 2021


Public health scholars have grown increasingly interested in the consequences of criminal justice contact on  the  wellbeing  of  parents  and  children.  While  much  of  this  research  examines  the  experiences  of incarcerated parents, most justice-involved parents are on probation, a form of community supervision. Drawing  on  a  survey  with  166  adults  on  probation  in  Hennepin  County,  Minnesota,  43%  of  whom identified  as  parents  with  minor  children,  I  map  out  the  unique  burdens  of  supervision  for  parents  of minor  children.  This  project  presents  several  case  studies  of  individual  respondents  to  illustrate  how parental status interacts with the stresses of supervision – including housing, employment, substance use, and financial demands. These results show how community supervision impacts not only individuals, but entire families.