Master's Project Title:

Abstract: Domestic Violence Prevention Program (DVP) in an Urban Slum Setting in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

MCH Student:

Hannah Currie

Date of Defense:

May 13, 2020


Domestic violence is  prevalent among women in India and is associated with poor physical and mental health outcomes. Jan Seva School and the Society for Indian Children’s Welfare seek to improve the physical,  social, emotional, and mental health of women experiencing domestic violence. This critical analysis explores my experience working in the observation, evaluation, and improvement of domestic violence prevention efforts and programming at Jan Seva School in Kolkata, India. This intervention, and my role in it, incorporated evidence-­‐‐based  tactics, approaches, recommendations, and improvement efforts, while considering health disparities and inequities, to support sustainable domestic violence prevention programming and reduce the incidence of domestic violence in India.