Master's Project Title:

A program evaluation of the ChildCareWORKS Speakers Bureau project

MCH Student:

Vu Huynh

Date of Defense:

August 8, 2013


Childcare is a vital component contributing to positive behavioral and physical health of  children.  With lack of funding and extremely high costs of childcare, it is necessary to  promote change in legislation to improve the quality and costs of childcare through  advocacy.  ChildcareWORKS’ focus is to advocate for childcare through sharing of  information  and promoting advocacy for childcare legislation. In order to measure if  their methods are effective in achieving their focus, a program evaluation was done for  their informational and advocacy promotion presentations called the Speakers Bureau  presentations.  Through the program evaluation, there was evidence suggesting that their  presentations are effective in achieving their focus and goals and that their continued  efforts with the Speakers Bureau presentations are aiding the cause of childcare advocacy