Master's Project Title:

Investigation of relationship between Obesity and Inflammatory Biomarkers in a sample of adolescents from the IDEA/ECHO study.

MCH Student:

Deepshikha Singh

Date of Defense:

May 28 , 2014


Objective: The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the relationships between obesity  (determined by BMI and percent body fat) and inflammatory biomarkers (C  – reactive protein  [CRP], Interleukin – 6[IL – 6] and Tumour necrosis factor  – α [TNF – α]) in a sample of adolescents  from Identifying Determinants of Eating and Activity (IDEA) and Etiology of Childhood  Obesity (ECHO) studies.

Design: The design parameter is cross sectional and subjects include a total of 348 adolescents  (11.00 to 17.67 years of age), 178 boys a nd 170 girls (mean age 14.7 ±1.9 years).

Measurements:  BMI is calculated from height and weight (age and gender – specific) per CDC  recommendations. Percent of body weight that is fat (PBF) is measured using a Tanita bioelectric  impedance scale. Serum concentrations of CRP, IL – 6 and TNF – α are measured.

Results: In analysis adjusted for age, puberty, race and socio economic status (SES), the results  indicate statistically significant relationships between both BMI and PBF with serum CRP in  boys and girls. How ever, BMI and PBF have stronger associations with IL – 6 in girls compared to  boys. TNF – α is not significantly associated with BMI and PBF in either gender.