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Register for the 2022 Summer Institute in Adolescent Health – virtually from July 18-21, 2022 | 8:30 AM to 12 PM CDT each day. We're proud to cosponsor this annual event, which will focus on adolescent mental health.

Upcoming Events

Student Spotlight

#UMNMCH student Myo Myo Aye wrote this reflection on how her role as a Research Intern with the Minnesota Vision Health Task Force at the MPS has contributed to her career in MCH. Her work with briefs at MPS highlighted the importance of describing the impact of vulnerable populations of young children’s vision health. In this segment, Myo shares how the project is improving early detection of vision concerns and access to treatment for young children in Minneapolis.

How did Myo Myo Aye support MPS in data analysis of the 2021-2022 project and develop a vision health plan for the city of Minneapolis?

Alumni Spotlight

Check out the latest Alumni Spotlight from Cora Vavra. In this Spotlight, Cora writes on how her coursework and applied practice experience have contributed to her career in MCH at the Minnesota Health Department (MDH). In this piece, she describes her experience with family home visiting and working with MDH on a continuous quality improvement project.

Alumni Spotlight: How has Cora Vavra’s applied practice experience helped to improve family home visiting outcomes?

National MCH Student Blog

In the latest MCH National Blog post, Gabby Ruiz an MPH student at George Washington Milken Institute School of Public Health studying Maternal and Child Health is the newest author for the latest blog post on Competency 7: Working with Communities with her Title V MCH Internship program.

MCH National Blog

MN Women's Health Report Card

The 2020 MN-WHRC is now available! The MNWHRC helps visualize and reflect the health indicators specific
to our state’s unique demographics. Now available in four languages!

2020 MN Women's Health Report Card (MN-WHRC)

Our Online MPH Program Ranked #5!

Our UMN online MCH Program was ranked #5 out of all online MPH programs by the Master’s in Public Health Degrees website. Interested in earning your MPH online?
Visit our program page to learn more.

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